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immaculate specialize

From: Frederik Ho
Subject: immaculate specialize
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 21:43:53 +0300

The smoke of hispipe floated straight upwards in still plumes. You gave me presents of gold bangles and silk longyis fromMandalay. Flory went home by a path that led out on to the maidan.
A boy does not start his career nicknamed Monkey-bum withoutlearning his lesson.
Nevertheless, beware of hiss calumnies, my friend.
Come in, said Flory rather bad temperedly.
Take this muck away and bring some whisky.
Teach thelittle sod what we think of him. The War rolled on, like a storm beyond thehorizon. He did not want to seethe yellow, sunken face that would look back at him. I dont want you in hereafter Ive done with you.
A mingled scent of sandalwood, garlic,coco-nut oil and the jasmine in her hair floated from her.
There was the sound ofplunging hooves and of yells to the bullocks. There had been a nasty, dirtyaffair at the Club that evening.
She had neverlearned the wisdom of leaving him alone at these times.
He had bought her from her parents two years ago, forthree hundred rupees.
Itgives one a deeper sense of sin than a thousand lecheries.
The snipe were flying southward from Central Asia.
Flory stood in the middle of the room, yawning. Two years ago you would have redeemed them for me. In the end the secrecy of your revolt poisons you like a secretdisease.
From that school he went to a cheap, third-rate public school. Very likely they willelect you, but theyll do it as an unpleasant duty, under protest. They might elect you at the next general meeting, he said. On Saturday nights the older boys used to havewhat they called a Spanish Inquisition. There is a prevalent idea that the men at theoutposts of Empire are at least able and hardworking. His parents, goodpeople and devoted to him, had found him a place in a timber firm.
They were intimate enough to laugh over thedoctors queer English occasionally. Atthese times she was nauseating and dreadful to him. Beyond the veranda eaves the light rained downlike glistening white oil.
Its to come up at the general meeting in June. One should live with the stream of life, not againstit.
I dont want you in hereafter Ive done with you.
He had lived in a chummery with four other youths whodevoted their entire energies to debauchery.

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