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R & R

From: Johnny Griffith
Subject: R & R
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:59:58 -0400
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A second theory asserts that dipping helps the bird spot prey beneath the surface of the water.
The people went hungry because the clams lay hidden under water. Like our flu, there are many commonly occurring avian types. Learning to forage takes practice.
What is the connection between the blood-curdling roar of a Tyrannosaurus rex and the gentle song of a robin?
The Black Oystercatcher is completely dependent on the marine shoreline for food, even in winter, when waves hit the rocks with awesome force. The evidence and theories are complex. The people went hungry because the clams lay hidden under water. The beauty of the small, slender Snowy Egret is in its fine white feathers and long, lacy plumes.
Just over three million.
With an almost seven-foot wingspan and weighing nearly twenty-five pounds, this swan is among the largest of all waterfowl.
The smallest woodpecker in the United States, it turns up everywhere there are a few trees, except in the dry deserts of the Southwest and in Hawaii.
The Brown Creeper lives in a mature forest where evergreen and deciduous trees reach for sun. Only a few are harmful. Unrivalled among these is the majestic Gyrfalcon, a regal visitor from the Arctic where it nests.
Only the Glaucous-winged Gull nests in the Pacific Northwest, so for months, gull-watching has been pretty tame.
Winter brings wondrous birds. One crow is just a crow.
A recent bonanza of fossils has intensified debate over how contemporary birds are linked to the extinct dinosaurs. Thirty years ago, there were six million Northern Pintails in North America. The native Douglas squirrel is a pint-sized, chestnut-red resident of forests west of the Cascade rim.
On one of these islands, Mauritius, these sailors were the first Europeans to lay eyes on the odd, flightless bird known as the Dodo.
The Wild Turkey, from which the domestic variety has been bred, is native to North America.
Remember when you were a young Saturday morning birdwatcher, learning the intricate lessons of predator-prey relationships?
Long ago the tide did not ebb and flow, but stayed close to shore.
Before the boat leaves, climb the stairs and step out on the observation deck where you can enjoy a mini-birdwatching cruise. A Red-tailed Hawk soars on broad, rounded wings, the epitome of effortless flight.
Twenty-five years ago, there were twice as many Lesser and Greater Scaup in North America as there are today.
Not really a hawk at all, the nighthawk is closely related to the more fully nocturnal nightjars, such as the Whip-poor-will of eastern North America. Suddenly, a small murre chick, only three weeks old and just one-quarter the weight of an adult, lunges off the cliff, gliding clumsily to the water below.

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