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Re: [Access-activists] Re: Next Set of Tasks for GAI

From: Christian Hofstader
Subject: Re: [Access-activists] Re: Next Set of Tasks for GAI
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 09:06:29 -0400
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So, how else can we put some pressure, in public or private, on proprietors of web sites that would be useful to our target population?

A public shaming is probably not the best idea and I argued against such a number of times when various departments at U. Florida wanted to do something similar.

Maybe we can offer them a volunteer to help remediate their web site along with a pointer to the many books and white papers on this topic. Doing nothing is akin to treating apartheid with silence but the "shame" principle pretty well sucks too.


On 06/30/2010 02:12 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey Peter, all.

While we can yell until we are blue in the face about standards, I
would like a "hall of shame" that lists web sites who we have tried
to contact regarding accessibility who have chosen not to comply
anyway. We can add blog entries regarding sites when they are added
to the collection. I'm especially concerned with those that are used
for free software things as we really want our team to be the
vanguard of what I hope turns into a Gulf like clean up.

Remember, though, we will always give these sites a warning and n
days? months? to remediate their pages.
A number of the folks (e.g. me) who participate in GNU accessibility
will not want to be part of any sort of public shaming.  I appreciate
the idea, and also the need for it.  But we should be careful about
what is done in various folks names.  At a minimum, I would like some
distance from whoever does this.
Please put me down in this camp as well. While I have been quite
diligent to separate the DayJob (Carroll Center) from the VolunteerJob
(Orca), the reality is that there's just one me. I'd really hate to have
someone come to the erroneous conclusion that the Carroll Center,
through my personal involvement in this group, was participating in a
public shaming.


Happy Hacking,

Christian Hofstader
Director of Access Technology
FSF/Project GNU,
GNU's Not Unix!

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