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Re: [Accessibility] Introduction

From: Steve Holmes
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] Introduction
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 08:51:03 -0700
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Hi, I also figured to chime in here on this introduction thread.  As
my message says, I'm Steve Holmes and I've been a user of different
GNU based programs for nearly 20 years.  I mean, where would we be
with gnu emacs?

I think now that GNU has gone with a formal committment to
accesibility (a11y), I would like to bring up two software packages
which are not currently accessible with Orca in GNOME.  I mention
specificaly, Emacs under the gnome terminal and GNU Cash.  I'm not
sure of the situation with Emacs and why it won't work with Orca but I
understand Cash uses wxwidgets for the toolkit.  I don't know if
wxwidgets is a GNU offspring or not.  Bottom line: in order to make
GNU Cash more accessible, we need to either change the toolkit being
used for the user interface or make wxwidgets more accessible by
enabling it to expose all properties to ATK.

Back to my self introduction, I am just now learning python and that
will help me be able to contribute more to these projects.  I've had
over 30 years of experience doing mainframe programming and I would
really like to move over to these smaller computer systems where the
trend has been going for software development for many years.  It is
here where I can make a bigger difference in the area of computer
accessibility.  I always get excited when I sit down at my linux
system and use it quite productively in both the desktop and at the
command line.
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