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[Accessibility] Plan for making QT applications accessible to Orca?

From: Bill Cox
Subject: [Accessibility] Plan for making QT applications accessible to Orca?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 11:51:48 -0700

Hi.  I've pinged Nokia/Trolltech, but got no response.  Basically, is
time to move forward with making QT applications accessible through
at-spi2.  I don't know of any current effort in this area.  It also is
not clear whether the correct approach is to make a plugin for at-spi2
so that it can understand QT's unfinished IA2 interface that is only
available on Linux, or if it makes more sense to convert that
interface into a standard d-bus based ATK interface.

If anyone knows how to contact the guys at Nokia/Trolltech let me
know.  If you have thoughts on how to get this project started, or how
it should be done from a technical point of view, let me know.  I'm
personally hoping we can find volunteers to do this work.


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