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Re: [Accessibility] Announcing BrailleBlaster

From: John J. Boyer
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] Announcing BrailleBlaster
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 01:08:11 -0500
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There will be a version of BrailleBlaster for Linux which will work with 
Orca. It uses the liblouis library, which Orca uses and also a new 
library called liblouisutdml These libraries are written in C, but 
BrailleBlaster itself will be written in Java. We need some experienced 
Java programmers at this point. 

There is a mailing list and also a project page. To subscribe to the 
mailing list send a mesage to address@hidden and 
put subscribe in the subject line.

The project page is at


On Thu, Jul 08, 2010 at 11:09:23AM +0530, leena chourey wrote:
>    Hello John,
>    It is good to have such announcements. We are also working on screen
>    reader based Desktop using Orca. As Orca also provides Braille facility,
>    we may interested to be a part of this project and can spend time too.
>    Tell us provide more details about the project and the level of help
>    needed.
>    with regards
>    Leena C
>    For Accessibility Team
>    CDAC Mumbai
>    On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 10:57 AM, John J. Boyer
>    <address@hidden> wrote:
>      This is an announcement of an exciting new software development project
>      that will greatly increase the availability and usability of Braille.
>      Since this is an open source project, you are invited to participate. We
>      need transcribers and technical writers as well as programmers.
>      BrailleBlaster will be excellent for translating and formatting braille
>      and inserting tactile graphics and hence release a blast of braille.
>      It will be very user-friendly for non-technical users but also powerful
>      enough for experts.
>      Naive users will be able easily to compose simple documents and then
>      translate and emboss them in braille or read them on a braille display.
>      Advanced users will be able to divide books into multiple braille
>      volumes, with title pages, tables of contents, and end-notes for each
>      volume.
>      The BrailleBlaster project should be completed within less than two
>      years.
>      BrailleBlaster will be fully usable in speech or braille by people who
>      are blind.
>      It will be designed for Windows, MacIntosh, and Linux operating systems
>      and common screenreaders
>      It will have visual display controls that make it maximally accessible
>      for users with low vision and other visual disabilities.
>      It will be localized into most major languages.
>      BrailleBlaster will be developed under the Apache 2.0 license, which
>      permits broad use, including use in commercial software.
>      BrailleBlaster's sponsors are ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. and
>      Abilitiessoft, Inc. They will hold the license copyright.
>      --
>      John J. Boyer; President, Chief Software Developer
>      Abilitiessoft, Inc.
>      [2]
>      Madison, Wisconsin USA
>      Developing software for people with disabilities
>      _______________________________________________
>      Accessibility mailing list
>      address@hidden
>      [4]
>    --
>    Leena C
> References
>    Visible links
>    1. mailto:address@hidden
>    2.
>    3. mailto:address@hidden
>    4.

John J. Boyer; President, Chief Software Developer
Abilitiessoft, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Developing software for people with disabilities

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