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[Accessibility] Priorities, Ideas?

From: Christian Hofstader
Subject: [Accessibility] Priorities, Ideas?
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 08:53:11 -0400
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For the past six months or so, I have been working more on policy and educational issues than on GNU access technology software development. These projects are important but, as we find more and more accessibility problems in the software (both the AT and applications) we really need to focus almost entirely on fixing these issues so the current users can enjoy a better experience and new users can appreciate their new found freedom along with having a very usable system with which they can do all sorts of things they want to do.

I know that Bill Cox maintains a text file of ideas and bugs which can be gotten from vinux. Also, Joanmary, the incredibly hard working orca maintainer has a bugzilla database set up for these issues and now we are starting a third list. A bit of redundancy isn't bad nor is it a waste of our time as we hope our list goes beyond orca and includes other tools for people with vision impairment and, hopefully, disabilities other than vision impairment.

So, if you have a few favorite bugs that really bother you or some features that you would really like to see, please post them to address@hidden or if you prefer anonymity, you can send them to me directly and I'll post them to the group. You should make sure that you are subscribed to address@hidden by sending an email to address@hidden with "subscribe" (sans quotes) in the subject line.

Also, please feel free to repost this request to any other group where you think we may find help and good ideas. Everyone is welcome on the accessibility list and the more ideas the better. The access-activists list, to which this email is also addressed, is invitation only and is intended for a small group of leaders around the AT world to receive a minimum amount of email on issues regarding GNU accessibility - if you want to join this list, please send me a private email explaining who you are (if we don't already know each other) and why you want to join the group. Right now, we are not taking any more people working on issues regarding blindness or low vision as we already have more than enough.

We are starting to assemble a good set of programming volunteers around the world and we want to ensure we are using them to best effect.

Happy Hacking,

Christian Hofstader
Director of Access Technology
FSF/Project GNU,
GNU's Not Unix!

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