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[Accessibility] Thinking Further About Speech Recognition

From: Christian Hofstader
Subject: [Accessibility] Thinking Further About Speech Recognition
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:44:21 -0400
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Eric wrote a very thoughtful message regarding the ups and downs of trying to make an entirely libre speech recognition package or building a hybrid that uses a proprietary engine that already exists and building a libre UI and pre-processor component. The goal would be ultimately to replace the proprietary engine with one built by our community and carrying a free software license but, in the meantime, using some sort of off-the-shelf solution.

This has a very big problem: even if we accepted using a proprietary engine until we could build

    our own replacement, we would be creating a big set back. If there is a
    workable solution - free, proprietary, hybrid, etc. people will not
    volunteer to make a libre replacement unless we can demonstrate how it
    could outperform the hybrid, which will be hard and likely to push
    volunteers into other projects where no analogue exists.

Thus, FSF/GNU cannot endorse a temporary proprietary solution as it will likely 
either postpone or entirely scrap the development of a libre engine that we can 

FSF/GNU protects people's computing freedoms and would not want to take 
anything away by using a proprietary solution even temporarily in this case.

So, I propose that we launch a speech reco user interface and pre-processor project that is 100% libre. The different sub-projects can talk to libre engines and be entirely endorsed by FSF/GNU.


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