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[Accessibility] Re: Perhaps a different "call to arms" is in order (was

From: hackingKK
Subject: [Accessibility] Re: Perhaps a different "call to arms" is in order (was Re: [orca-list] Firefox 4.0 and Tabbing to Links)
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 22:10:25 +0530
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On Sunday 25 July 2010 07:32 PM, Christian Hofstader wrote:

So, in order to help me keep things organized and avoid superfluous redundancy, are you saying that you and your students will be working on the Firefox code base? The orca code that works with Firefox or some combination of the two?

Well there are 2 groups of keenly interested students out here.
Basically I used to mentor them on web accessibility and other internet related stuff.
So they are inclined towards accessibility.
So we can do a combination of the two.
Can you mail me off the list for some extensive discussions?
I also need some help with understanding some aspect of Orca code.
This has been discussed time and time again and I am already reading Orca code.
So would want to ask some specific questions.

Do you intend to work on new feature/enhancement requests in FF or only fix bugs? I think right now fixing bugs is a major priority although if I manage to get a couple more people I will see if they can work on feature enhancements.

Would you be the Accessible Firefox Maintainer who works with Joanie, Bill and fills the liaison between vinux, orca and GNU so all are kept abreast of your accomplishments?

Yes I can take up the work of coordination.

But right now its important to sort out the things properly.

I'm fairly certain that GNU can help you find testers for FF with orca so do not hesistate to ask for help.

Thanks a lot.

Happy hacking.

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