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[Accessibility] Solutions

From: Susan Jolly
Subject: [Accessibility] Solutions
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:27:28 -0600

Richard thank you.  I'd never before appreciated the philosophy of FSF.
Your statement, "Even if you have no hands, there are other ways to input
besides dictation" made me think it might be helpful if you started a FAQ
with solutions for those of us who aren't familiar with "other ways." Here
is my question.

My father is 96 years old and lives several thousand miles from me.  His
vision is now quite poor due to problems associated with aging so he can
barely see enlarged text on a computer screen.  (He's also quite deaf but
his hearing aids work reasonably well.) His poor vision coupled with some
sort of tremor make it difficult for him to write by hand even barely
legibly; he cannot read his own handwriting even with a magnifier.

He can use his hands with some difficulty to type very slowly but doesn't
know how to touch type.  When he types he makes many errors which he can't
correct since he can't figure out how to edit text due to his poor vision
making it impossible for him to learn to use an editting tool let alone not
being able to see his corrections if he were somehow able to use an editting

He would like to create his memoirs as editable text.  How do you suggest
that he do that?


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