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Re: [Access-activists] Re: [Accessibility] Accessibility Status: Swamped

From: Joanmarie Diggs
Subject: Re: [Access-activists] Re: [Accessibility] Accessibility Status: Swamped
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 10:57:36 -0400

Hey all.
> Just to comment that most of the visible problems of Orca related to
> performance are a consecuence of the current at-spi2 performance
> issues (this is not new, when the DBUS migration was being analyzed,
> it was detected a worse DBUS performance compared with CORBA).

Well.... Yes and no.

One very brief look at Orca in a CORBA environment compared to a D-Bus
environment confirms exactly what you describe. It's a very significant
issue and it needs to be a top priority.

Having said that, Orca is noticeably sluggish. Always has been. :-( In
fact, poor performance is the primary complaint of users: Those new to
Orca regularly inquire on the Orca-list how they can make Orca more
"snappy," like the Windows screen readers with which they are familiar;
some existing users who prefer a free, open-source screenreader have
indicated that they view the currently-inferior performance as the price
they must pay for freedom.

We need to remedy this Orca problem independent of the CORBA/D-Bus
problem. That way, once things are fixed in both, Orca can become the
screen reader of choice due to the compelling, competitive, performant,
and free access it provides.

Ale Leiva and I are looking for ways we can address this.

Other than that, +1 to everything you've said. :-)

Take care.

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