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Re: [Accessibility] A thought about a possible project

From: Daniel James
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] A thought about a possible project
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2010 10:39:57 +0100
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Hi Christian,

> Would it be useful for me to set up a GNASH or a broader "multimedia"
> discussion group to focus on these specific issues. Right now, I think
> there is a lot of talking, studying and interaction with the orca team
> that will be required to even get started but we must start somewhere.

I'm not sure what the best forum would be, but I think the challenge
would be to group together the organisations and individuals with a
vested interest in improving web accessibility, to fund work on adding
that accessibility to Free Software apps - see for example

I think Android is a potential target platform, because there's momentum
there as the userbase grows, and Gnash can be made to run on Android
(albeit with quite a lot of toolchain tweaking, by the sound of it). The
trouble is that Adobe has already released its proprietary Flash plugin
for Android, to mixed reviews. It turns out that a lot of existing Flash
content just doesn't work well on phones.

Also, some of the technical problems are not on the client end. For
instance, the BBC advises screen reader users not to use iPlayer at all,
but to download content in Windows Media Player instead:



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