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[Accessibility] "voice-by-computer" 0th draft...

From: Gary Kline
Subject: [Accessibility] "voice-by-computer" 0th draft...
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 16:46:45 -0800
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        I have just finished the 0th draft of a program for the speech-
        impaired [or mute who are able to read lips] to communicate with 
        the non-speech-impaired world.  The one thing that the impaired
        people need to be able to do is use a computer keyboard to 
        express themselves to others who are able to communicate vocally.

        My program is written in C and uses the gtk library interface.
        I have dubbed the program VBC and am currently testing it for 
        bugs.  I began this around a year ago, but hardware problems 
        cost months.  

        VBC runs on virtually any Linux-based system and should be easily
        portable to any flavor of Unix.  While i am going over my 
        documentation and cleaning up my code, I'm wondering: What next?
        and hoping this list can give me some clues.  Anybody?

        gary kline

 Gary Kline  address@hidden  Public Service Unix
              Twenty-six years of service to the Unix community.

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