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Business Demographics 2005 with NAICS Codes

From: info
Subject: Business Demographics 2005 with NAICS Codes
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 15:31:51 -0500

Business Demographics 2005 with NAICS Codes

Get all the Business and Demographic Data you 
need on one DVD.  This is the essential business 
database for making sound business decisions.  
With Business Demographics 2005 you get the most 
recent business and population data, coupled with 
easy exports and built-in mapping software for 
mapping trends and business markets.

The data in Business Demographics 2005 is from 
the most up-to-date, trusted sources and includes 
the 2003 Business Census, 2005 Population 
Estimates, 2005 Consumer Expenditures, 2010 
Population Projections, and the 2000 Population 
Census.  Data is available for the nation, state, 
county, and zip code.  It is easily exportable 
for use in your own spreadsheets, statistical 
programs, or mapping software.

The 2003 Business data is from the US Department 
of Commerce, 2003 County and Zip Code Business 
Patterns database.  Industries include: forestry, 
fishing, hunting, & agriculture; mining; 
utilities; construction; manufacturing; wholesale 
trade; retail trade; transportation & 
warehousing; information; finance & insurance; 
real estate, rental, & leasing; professional, 
scientific, & technical services; management of 
companies & enterprises; administrative, support, 
waste management & remediation services; 
educational services; health care & social 
assistance; arts, entertainment, & recreation; 
accommodation & food services; and much more.

The 2005 Estimates and 2010 Projections are 
estimated datasets derived from the US Census 
Bureaus 2000 Census data, as well its annual 
county and state population estimates.  It 
includes variables such as age, race, sex, 
household type and size, income, and more.  The 
data for these datasets are gathered by Easy 
Analytics Software, Inc.

The 2005 Consumer Expenditures gives you 
household spending patterns based on the Consumer 
Expenditure Survey.  These data are provided by 
Easy Analytics Software, Inc.

The Census 2000 dataset is from the US Census 
Bureau 2000 Long Form (SF3) and includes 
information on age, sex, race, marital status, 
households, language, citizenship status, 
transportation, school enrollment, education, 
employment, occupation, industry, disabilities, 
poverty status, income, housing, rent, mortgage 
status, and much more.  If you want to know the 
details about the American population, there is 
no better source the Census 2000 Long Form, the 
most comprehensive dataset of its kind in the US.
For more details visit

Business Demographics 2005 is reasonably priced 
at $995 for the nation, and includes state, 
county, and zip code level data.  For a single 
state, the price for this CD is only $595.

If you want to order Business Demographics CD or 
have questions about any products,
- Call Demographic Data Center at 1-800-577-6717
- Send us an email at address@hidden
- To order on-line go to

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