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Re: Re: [Adonthell-general] Re:Inventory/Items

From: Nils Fohrbeck
Subject: Re: Re: [Adonthell-general] Re:Inventory/Items
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 10:09:20 +0200

address@hidden schrieb am 29.05.02:
> On Wed, 29 May 2002 11:45:07 +0200 Nils Fohrbeck wrote:
> > Sounds great! In fact I was thinking about a journal (for the quests)
> > as well. But the idea to to put it all into one big book is really
> > good (I hope all the ideas you described are not as hard to implement
> > as it might seem). We could just have this one book, which can be
> > accessed by all the characters in the party. 
> Cool you like it. The implementation shouldn't be that difficult. Each
> section would be implemented in a different class (maybe with a common
> 'book_screen' base class) but use the same look and feel.
> The sections would be linked, so that the next section would open when
> you skip past the end of the current one to aid the impression of a
> single book. There would also be a shortcut to the ToC from each
> section.
> The GUI itself would be an ordinary window of the window system, with
> the gfx of an open book as background and no border. Then we can use all
> the normal window system widgets, maybe with a book-like theme (the
> controls would appear as if drawn on paper, not 3D-ish). 
> Sections like Options, Stats, Load/Save, Journal and Maps would each
> have their own underlying data they display. But
> Spells/Songs/Runes/Recipes could all be treated like items. That means
> we'd have 4 more item categories and the respective GUI would simply
> display items of the matching category. So everything could be stored in
> the same inventory.
> In fact, spells and songs and the like could initially exist as backpack
> items (scrolls). That way they could be sold and so on, but also learned
> by a character (i.e. inscribed into the respective section of the book).
> However, the item would still be tied to that character. That means a
> second dwarf in the party wouldn't have access to the runes the first
> one knows. And if a character leaves he'll take his knowledge with him.
> So unlike the inventory gui which would allow any character to access
> any item the book would be (slightly) different for each character,
> depending on race and knowledge.

Sounds Good. But why do we need to tie the information to a character? We could 
just say that in the adventure group all information is shared (open scource 
magic spells :-), so when a character leaves, the group keeps his knownledge 
and all characters can access the same knownledge. That way backpack items 
would not even be necessary (you could just learn/buy spells ect. in a 


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