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Re: [Advocate Play Ogg] Two thoughts: automated conversion, and radio4al

From: Pandu E Poluan
Subject: Re: [Advocate Play Ogg] Two thoughts: automated conversion, and
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 15:22:25 +0700

Same with me. But the reason is opposite yours: I *don't* have broadband connection, so streaming will just -- not work. I'd rather download the video overnight and watch it the following day.


On 5/31/07, Matthew Flaschen <address@hidden> wrote:
Michael Fötsch wrote:
> A different thought: Is the Ogg Theora infrastructure ready for being
> used by a site such as YouTube? I mean, is there browser support for
> streaming on the client side? Is there streaming support on the
> server side?

I don't know.  I don't really like streaming generally; I /hate/ it when
it's an attempt to stop you from downloading the content.  I prefer to
download the file, so I can play it whenever I want. (I'm probably
biased because I have a broadband connection and 80GB drive, but that's
the trend).

Matt Flaschen

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