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Re: [Advocate Play Ogg]

From: Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves
Subject: Re: [Advocate Play Ogg]
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 02:22:44 +0000

On 1/30/08, Jay dedman <address@hidden> wrote:
> why does it take several years to get this into the browsers?
> Im not being snarky, just curious since im not a developer.
> an embedded Ogg player would really push video producers to use Ogg.

Well, there's several reasons.  For starters, the whole thing pretty
much started last year and it takes time.

Then we have all those forks of known browsers like Firefox (Epiphany,
K-meleon, SeaMonkey, IceWeasel, etc.) and Safari (OmniWeb, etc.) and
all of them have to merge the new code for video/audio support, which
also takes time.

And finally but incredibly bad for Theora, the FUD spread by that
Nokia representant back in December, something in the lines of "OMG I
APOCALIPSE", which ensured that Theora got a bad name.  A bad name
doesn't make other browser makers support Theora as the baseline codec
for video on the web.  They will always throw around that one excuse.
So, we (Xiph) are trying to locate some independent entity (a
non-profit organization for instance) that can pay up for a patent
search which will hopefully clean up Theora's name.  Any help here to
locate said entity is very welcome.

While the <video> element (with Theora along) doesn't become the
establishment to share video across the web, some sites like Theora
Sea ( // ) are trying to patch the hole while we don't
get there by using Cortado and a solid concept akin to Digg/reddit.


P.S: On the subject of helping out, maybe I will take the opportunity
to ask if someone can help clean up the horrible Theora article at
Wikipedia.  We can't get involved due to the "Conflict of Interest"

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