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[Af-test] Nobody will know bout your problems.

From: Braises M. Bibliophile
Subject: [Af-test] Nobody will know bout your problems.
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 05:11:39 -0700

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Inside the room the first thing I saw was the container on the table, with the needle wrapped in cloth beside it. The door shuffled open and I relaxed. She made no response. I was pleased to see that the Count was a steady and solitary daytime drinker. The League has sapped the fight from our people. I am here to offer you a strictly legitimate business deal with value given for money received. Hating herself, loathing and detesting her world and the people on it, she would have had no compunction about committing a crime to gain the money she wanted. The facts I needed were all neatly tucked away in their paper catacombs.

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