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[Af-test] Sample Pack

From: Airships G. Weepier
Subject: [Af-test] Sample Pack
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 20:44:45 -0700

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One of my silent friends had a warm shirt he didnt need, so I borrowed that too. He grubbed in one pocket and pulled out a little gold star made of paper. It arrived in about three seconds, empty, and I jumped in, thumbing the roof button at the same time. My lungs were burning before I reached the employees entrance. I ought to warn him about the old ticker, thats the way he would pop off if he didnt watch out. Wellwhat are you going to do about it? I asked, with more than a little note of peevishness in my voice. Even before all the ships had acknowledged receipt her scout rocket was sighted on the detector screen. Until these forms were fed into the machinery I didnt exist.

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