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Archiving and UnArchiving

From: ramana rao
Subject: Archiving and UnArchiving
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:22:40 +0530

    Here we are doing a major project of converting an Openstep Server to GNUstep. Here we are stuck at critical point.
   Here we have the client running under OpenStep. And we are porting the serevr to GNUstep. Both server and client will communicate through sockets. Now while sending object to client, we are encoding the object using NSArchiver at server and decoding at Client using NSUnarchiver.
It works fine when both client and server are in Openstep.
  But when we are running cross-platform,
   The problem here is the object arhived from OPenStep cannot be directly unarchived in GNUstep.
    Now what do we do here, the options seem, 1. writing our own archiver or 2. encode the object in to plist in a pre-defined format.
  We are thinking of writing our own archiver. what else can we do?
 Is there any relationship between OpenStep archived object and GNUstep archived object.
 Is there any other easy alternative? 
 Please suggest.
Ramana Rao

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