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ANN: CodeEditor 0.3.8

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: ANN: CodeEditor 0.3.8
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 15:06:54 -0400

All the functions in original CodeEditor 0.3.5 work.
I do use it to write CodeEditor itself on Linux and FreeBSD all the time.
It is stable enough for general work, but remember to save frequently.

There are known bottle neck of speed for large file (over 100K):
1. Fontification: highlight keyword will use regular expression to search
  the whole document. So it is slow when document is large.
2. Block marking and auto indentation: it seems that NSTextView update
  slowly when document is large and attributes is changed from programming,
  not from user interface. Have no idea how to improve that.


  1. Tab View: Don't need to open so many terminals again.
2. Toolbar: Use "Alt (left) - t" to open/close a simple toolbar on the fly.
  3. Find (Regular Express support) and replace.
  4. File Inspector.
  5. Change font attributes and preference instantly without restart.
  6. Periodically or manually Highlight keyword with difference
     attributes according to the language.
  7. Automatically or manually find delimiter pair.
  8. Automatically indentation according to the preference.


The regular expression for keyword is not perfect yet.
Someone who is familiar with regular expression can make it better.
Check CodeEditor/CodeEditorView/*.ruleset

Comment and bug report are welcome

Have fun


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