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ANN: CDPlayer 0.3.0

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: ANN: CDPlayer 0.3.0
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 11:11:45 +0200

Hi folks,
I have released version 0.3.0 of This will probably the release containing major feature updates as CDPlayer is meant to be simple and stupid.

What is new?
1. CDPlayer has a track list, now. Note that this is not meant to be a kind of a (smart) play list or something, but merely a dumb panel displaying the number of tracks and their playing time. You may wonder now why this is necessary. The list supports DnD of tracks and is supposed to cooperate with the forthcoming version of That's what I need this list for. 2. CDPlayer now comes with online help (English only). This is also not really necessary as CDPlayer is so simple, but I see it as support for Nicolas Roard's HelpViewer (which I really like, thanks Nicolas). I just want to set a sign for other developers to do the same ;-) 3. AudioCD.bundle is now doing the polling of the drives instead of This means that other apps using the bundle (if any) will be notified when a disk is changed.
4. Some fixes here and there.

Where to get it?
At or via my pages (

Comments are welcome. Have fun.


Andreas Heppel

Mail: aheppel at web dot de

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