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Charmap 0.1alpha released

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Charmap 0.1alpha released
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 02:05:56 +0300

Charmap 0.1alpha


Charmap is a character map for GNUstep.

Charmap 0.1alpha is the first release. I hope that the GNUstep community will provide feedback on bugs and suggestions for future versions. I'm particularly curious about how the application would work on displays not using UTF-8.

For best results, use Arial Unicode MS, Misc Fixed, or ClearlyU as your system font.

Known Problems

* When the matrix for a given Unicode block is generated, it doesn't deactivate the superfluous cells, resulting in barely-noticable overlap. * The higher portions of Unicode still aren't supported (because I'm new at handling hexadecimal in C). This shouldn't be a big problem, since there are very few fonts at the moment which have anything in the higher portions. * When you switch to another Unicode block, there are some NSLog messages about deleted rows which don't exist.

Enhancements Still To Come

* Font selection
* An Inspector which will display information about a character (CJK ideograph information, cross-references, decomposition, etc.)
* A goto option (by using the hex number or Unicode name)
* A Help feature using Nicholas Roard's HelpViewer

MD5: a7417490cb09514cafab067cca04b1e6
SHA1: f78656f23eef51759ad5c25414478fa3eb3cf61b
MD5: 6d7db4e3dfec6ce3a397375bafd944fe SHA1: 7c19d33016d3a88e0021b8bc9d23beb35b384e1c

Christopher Culver

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