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ANN: 0.4.0

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: ANN: 0.4.0
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 18:45:03 +0200

Hi folks,
it has taken a long time and some of you have already considered this project to be dead. This is not the case, I simpy did not have enough time to complete things.

What is Burn?
Well, Burn is a front-end for the cdrtools and cdrdao to burn CDs.

What's new in Burn?
The most significant changes are again in the UI. Due to user requests I have abandoned the single file interface and returned to the multiple file/window interface again. The controls to set up the burn parameters are no longer located in the main window, but are set in a separate panel immediately before burning. After experimenting a lot, I found that this is the best solution, in particular as the settings are remembered and the user may decide to not open this dialog box, but use the saved settings instead. The burning process is no longer modal, i.e. all operations that do not involve a burner are accessible while burning. This may be helpful if you want to create a new compilation while burning, for example. Drag-and-Drop has changed significantly wrt to dragging directories into a compilation. now knows three modi how to insert the contents of a directory into the compilation, depending on modifier keys used during dragging. You will also find a new service by which you can burn an already existing ISO image immediately. There exists now a so-called audio CD inspector giving information about the source audio CDs involved in a compilation.
Burn now also offers an improved on-line help using Nicols Roard's HelpViewer.
For more news see the change log.

Where to get Burn?
As always here:

Don't forget to download CDPlayer 0.4.0 as you will need it. Also remember that you need Enrico's GWorkspace.

Please, do not hesitate to give any kind of feedback, be it bug reports, feature requests, patches,....


Mail: aheppel at web dot de
PGP Key:

Check out - the CD burning frontend for GNUstep

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