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ANN: (RSS monitor, alpha release).

From: Marko Riedel
Subject: ANN: (RSS monitor, alpha release).
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 08:30:31 +0100 (CET)

Announcing! is an RSS monitor that lets you monitor many feeds at once.
Configure a feed to your liking, click "add/update" to record your data
and "instantiate" to create a window for the feed. The window displays
headlines for all articles in the feed. Right-click on the window or on
the main menu to display the "article" menu, where you may display the
text of the article, view it in a browser or display the article link if
there was one. The headline view will flash/beep when the data in the feed
change. If you do not like to use lynx to browse articles you may find useful (directory "Scripts") which will contact/start a running
mozilla browser to display the article text/link. will remember
your feeds and your open windows from one invocation to the next in the
defaults database. Enjoy!

The homepage of is here:

Please let me know of any bugs you find and how you like the application.

Best regards,


| Marko Riedel, EDV Neue Arbeit gGmbH, address@hidden |
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