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[ANN] Customizing GWorkspace and other apps

From: Rubens_Septimus
Subject: [ANN] Customizing GWorkspace and other apps
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 05:43:03 -0700 (PDT)

Hello !

I try to understand customizing with GNUstep :

1°) Icons : is a clean way to customize icons in GWorkspace ? I tried to do
so on a draft system (virtual box) before installing GNUstep on my real
computer. But it was dirty, because copying file icons in the system domain
results in many disadvantages :
1) Other people can't chose their icons or can't revert to the classic ones
2) When upgrading, the customized icons will be lost.

So I thought the User domain was the good way, but putting icons files in
~/GNUstep/Icons/ gives no result. Any idea how to achieve this ?

Are the 48x48 size and the tiff format the only ones supported ?

2°) Theming : I received some answers in the gnustep-discuss list about
Camaelon, so I don't add anything here because David  said a great work will
be done on Summer code... Waiting.

3°) How I can get windows bar to look different, for example, with pretty
color buttons like on Mac OS X ? Is a way to do this from "defaults"
directive ?

4°) Maybe this is not dealing with customization... With Wmaker-GNUstep,
some apps are awfully designed like OpenOffice 2.4 (black rectangular hole
on the top of the window and no integration with services from GNUstep
apps). Maybe this is due to Wmaker, not GNUstep. Is there a way to get the
Mac OS X neo-office or Camino working on GNUstep to get a little more
integration with design and relationship between GNUstep apps and others ? 

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