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[aspell-devel] old pspell libtool dependency

From: Melvin Hadasht
Subject: [aspell-devel] old pspell libtool dependency
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 13:41:03 +0200

[Sorry for not using cvs libtool for new aspell. I should have taken into
account the README. That means, that new aspell cannot be used for production
environments as pspell. I really hope it will change, soon. Thanks for your

Pspell seems to be sensitive to the libtool package. Some users of
Sylpheed-Claws experience random (not always) crashes when a spell manager is

sylpheed: void free_lt_handle (void *): Assertion s
== 0' failed.

I checked the code for the speller (I'm the author of the implementation there),
and came to the conclusion that it should has something to do with libltdl, as
pspell manual suggests that there may be some problems. Now I suggest people to
recompile pspell without dynamic linking of the modules, and it seems that has
fixed the problem. Could you please provide more info of what the problem is
with libtool? I'm glad to see that the new aspell does not use libltdl anymore,
and I hope the new aspell will mature to an official release, and not only a cvs


Melvin Hadasht

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