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Re: [aspell-devel] BUG+FIX: current aspell-dict configure script broken

From: Ulrich Fahrenberg
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] BUG+FIX: current aspell-dict configure script broken wrt --vars
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 09:51:31 +0200 (MEST)

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Christoph Hinterm├╝ller wrote:

> Am Montag, 19. Mai 2003 10:04 schrieb Ulrich Fahrenberg:
> > With the extra line inserted, it works as expected.

> Do never change configure script directly as this allways will be
> generated automatically by autoconf. If your bug is a real bug try
> to fix this in and rerun autoconf. If this is not
> possible and it is still a bug than this is a bug which should be
> reportet to autoconf project and not to aspell project in special.

Unless I got this wrong, the aspell-dicts configure scripts are not
generated by autoconf. (If they were, the passing of env vars would
work, by the way.) There is no

Note that I am not talking about the aspell distribution; I am talking
about the (apparently ALL) aspell-dictionaries packages currently

My bug is a real bug: Both the READMEs and the configure script say
that env vars can be passed to configure by saying

        ./configure --vars BLA=bli


It is not an autoconf bug; it is an aspell-dicts bug.

> Further there are other and more consistent ways to decide where
> to install binaries to build sources ...
> like
> ./configure --prefix /the/path/of/the/desired/install/directory

1. The aspell-dicts configure does not accept --prefix:

        Error: unrecognized option --prefix

2. Have you heard of depot? graft? stow? Symlink-style package
management? I install aspell in /pack/aspell and create a bunch of
symbolic links /usr/bin/aspell -> /pack/aspell/bin/aspell etc. The
dicts get installed in /pack/aspell-dicts/<language>, with appropriate
links from /usr/lib and /usr/share.

To accomplish this kind of installations, the DESTDIR option has been

> see
> ./configure --help
> for more.

Your arrogance pisses me off.


Ulrich Fahrenberg --

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