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Re: [aspell-devel] New Aspell Snapshot: 0.60-20040317

From: Kevin Atkinson
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] New Aspell Snapshot: 0.60-20040317
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 21:56:20 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Kevin Atkinson wrote:

> I have just released another pre Aspell 0.60 snapshot, version
> 0.60-20040322.  This snapshot contains several bug fixes, including a 
> major when where Aspell will crash when checking documents when
> soundlike lookup is not used.  The manual has also been updated.  An 
> appendix on languages Aspell can support, and another on on language 
> related issues, has been added.
> Please also note several important changes that were introduced in the 
> Aspell 0.60-20040317 snapshot:
> 1) I decided to name the next Aspell version 0.60 since almost every part 
> of Aspell has been refactored or rewritten to some extent.
> 2) Dictionaries and data files are now installed in LIBDIR/aspell-0.60 so 
> that Aspell 0.50 and 0.60 can more peacefully coexist.
> 3) The dictionary format has changed yet again.  I hope this is the last 
> time I change it before the Aspell 0.60 but no promises.
> 4) The format of the character data files has changed.  This should not be 
> a problem as Aspell will simply install new ones.
> I have also added an appendix to the manual on Languages that Aspell 
> should be able to eventually support.
> You can find it at  
> Future versions can be found at  I hope to
> eventually be able to upload the snapshots to
> but I am not authorized to do so yet.

Change that to:

  You can find it at
  Future versions can be found at


> Other changes from Aspell 0.50:
>    * Added support for loadable filters thanks to Christoph Hinterm├╝ller
>    * Enhanced TEX filter to support recognizing accent commands, such as
>      the German umlaute, and to treat words with hyphenation characters
>      in them as one word, also thanks to Christoph Hinterm├╝ller
>    * Added gettext support thanks to Sergey Poznyakoff
>    * Reworked how the dictionary is stored to take up less space (around
>      80% for the English language) and be faster in some cases.
>    * Reworked the build system so that a single Makefile is used for
>      most of the code.
>    * Support for Affix Compression.  Affix compression stores the root
>      word and then a list of prefixes and suffixes that the word can
>      take, and thus saves a lot of space.  The codebase comes from
>      MySpell found in OpenOffice.  It uses the same affix file
>      OpenOffice (and Mozilla) use.  However, affix compression is
>      currently incompatible with sounds like look up which means that
>      the suggestion quality will suffer.
>    * Added support for MySpell Replacement Tables for better suggestions
>      when phonet information is not available.
>    * Added support for accepting all input and printing all output in 
>      UTF-8 or some other encoding different from the one Aspell uses. 
>      Aspell can now support any language that no more than 220 distinct 
>      characters, including different capitalizations and accents, _even_ 
>      if there is not an existing 8-bit encoding that supports the language.
>    * Manual has has been converted to texinfo format thanks to the work
>      of Chris Martin.


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