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Re: [aspell-devel] Port to Win32

From: Gary Setter
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] Port to Win32
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 07:47:15 -0500

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From: "Kevin Atkinson" <address@hidden>
To: "Gary Setter" <address@hidden>
Cc: <address@hidden>
Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 9:18 AM
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] Port to Win32

> On Sun, 19 Sep 2004, Gary Setter wrote:
> > I'm working on a port of ASpell 0.60 to Win32. I'm wondering
> > my changes will accepted and what I can do improve my
> There are three levels of which you can port the code to Win32)
> 1) Cygwin
> 2) MinGW
> 3) VC++
> A Cygwin port should work with very little effort.  However,
there has
> been some reports of linking problems.
> A MinGW port may take a bit more effort but it is doable.  I
will accept
> patches so that Aspell can compile with MinGW
> a VC++ is a lot more work due to the non-standard C++ compiler.
> port for VC++ will generally be distributed as a separate
> -- 

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply.

I only have VC6.0 and Borlands BCB5.5. So that is what I'm
porting to.

I've tried to express why I believe the ported code is better
code. Why do you believe that it is not?


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