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[aspell-devel] Re: updating aspell.h via

From: Jose Da Silva
Subject: [aspell-devel] Re: updating aspell.h via
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 11:39:49 -0700
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On August 29, 2005 10:17 pm, you wrote:
> thanks for that hint. Will base my changes on it. I didn't start yet,
> though.

Hi Michael,
There is no race here, so when you start is when you start.

However, just letting you know that it got accepted so the improvements 
should be located in the CVS now. I would recommend grabbing the latest 
copy from the CVS just in case Kevin hammered in a couple extra fixes. may still refer back in the sourceforge posting such as what 
is ????, so if you have an idea of what to fill in for ????, then 

I forgot to mention it earlier, but if your editor can visually display 
TABs, it helped a little in getting rid of the embedded TABs.  I think 
I got most if not all of them... just consider it a just-in-case.
If your editor doesn't show them, don't worry about it since it is your 
motivation that is important, and not which brand of editor you use.

Just before you post your suggested fix(es), it would be wise to check 
the CVS or take another quick glance at sourceforge once again to make 
sure nobody posted something while you were busy working on the copy 
you have now. Just supposing there was a later copy on sourceforge, or 
even in these mailing lists, it may be best to use whichever latest 
copy you find.
These coincidences may happen on a busy project such as the kernel or 
mozilla where you may have many developers dedicated, or not, working 
on those projects at the same time, but it is unlikely to happen in 
Aspell since you are dealing with 1 main developer (Kevin), and the 
occasional contributor (the rest of us) when speaking of the 
programming side. The word lists is another story.
The frequency of something like that happening in reality is very very 
low but I'm posting this "just in case" so that you submit the latest 
An additional reason to mention all that is because there is some 
occasionally confusion on these mailing lists of people thinking there 
may be an army of developers working on Aspell.
There isn't.
So if you can help, great!

Most of what I mentioned here is probably already obvious to you, 
however, there may be several readers on the list (or even on the web) 
who wish to help in some way, but don't really know what to do or where 
to look without feeling like they may be doing something wrong. 
Hopefully some of these suggestions may help them.
Due to the recent change of 1st suggesting to you to look on souceforge 
but now suggesting to look at CVS instead, this seemed a good place to 
suggest all this info.

Hopefully this helps.

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