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Re: [aspell-devel] How to make a snapshot

From: Jose Da Silva
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] How to make a snapshot
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 09:50:30 -0700
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On October 18, 2005 06:30 am, Gary Setter wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> <snip>
> > Also, there was not Aspell.h file.
> Because it's a generated file! dah :-)

Si Senior!
Oui mesiour!

...unless you meant duh and not dah! which case the duh is 
followed with a hi-five to the forehead!

Anyhow, I've been lazy about it by just working on disjointed sections 
which could be tested seperately, which is why you see postings such as 
compress.c, prezip, precat/preunzip/prezip, some documentation.
The other reason for tending to ignore the core is getting replies like 
"I won't fix that", "I ain't touching it", "nope", "won't do"


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