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[aspell-devel] Re: aspell 0.60.6 on Windows and using libaspell with Sci

From: Abdelrazak Younes
Subject: [aspell-devel] Re: aspell 0.60.6 on Windows and using libaspell with SciTE
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 01:24:52 +0200
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Abdelrazak Younes wrote:
address@hidden wrote:

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> the LyX project has long solved the Windows packaging problem by
> forking Aspell.

 -------------- Reply ---------------------------------- It may not be
 my place to ask, but why didn't the LyX people submit patches so that
 we could have one aspell that works for Unix and Windows? Gary Setter

We of course did that (More exactly Peter Kuemmel did), a long time ago:

You can by the way find the patches for MSVC and Mingw in our svn repo:


Joost, are they the latest ones? And by the way, do you still use the original CMake files by Peter? Or something else?

I attach these two patches as they are not too big.

OK, I tried to trigger (again) a discussion about this issue in the hope that the Aspell project would integrate our modification.


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