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Re: [aspell-devel] aspell 0.60.6 on Windows and using libaspell with Sci

From: lee365
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] aspell 0.60.6 on Windows and using libaspell with SciTE
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 19:48:21 -0800 (PST)

Hi Abdelrazak,

Two things:
1. I would be interested in potentially maintaining Aspell for Windows
2. The ftp link is no longer valid: 
can you please provide an updated link as I've searched the directories.


Abdelrazak Younes-2 wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't understand why our work on Aspell for Windows is still not yet 
> known but, FYI, the LyX project has long solved the Windows packaging 
> problem by forking Aspell. We use MSVC2008 in order to create the dlls 
> that can be found inside this archive:
> You will find other goodies like latest gettext and iconv.
> We also maintains all knowns dictionnary in the latest format here:
> IMHO anyone willing to maintain the Aspell Windows port should talk to 
> us in order to avoid duplicated effort.
> Abdel.
> Laura nmi Michaels wrote:
>> A lot of people on the SciTE mailing list (and probably other text
>> editors 
>> groups too) have been clamoring for a spell-checker to work with their 
>> favorite editor.  I thought if I could find a decent C/C++ library that 
>> handled spelling, I could write some code to output the results in a
>> format 
>> similar to the error messages from the gnu C/C++ and mingw C/C++
>> compilers.  
>> When I found out aspell had such a library, I decided to download a copy
>> of 
>> the latest version 0.60.6 and test out my idea.  As I was trying to
>> compile 
>> the library with mingw and msys, I kept asking myself how did anyone get 
>> this working on Windows.  After searching the Internet for 4 fixes to 
>> various issues I came across, I finally got the library and aspell
>> program 
>> to build.  I went back to the aspell web site to locate some
>> documentation 
>> on the C/C++ library API and I noticed the Win32 page doesn't have the 
>> latest version of aspell.  So, I guess people aren't getting this to
>> compile 
>> on Windows.  
>> I have some diffs to get aspell 0.60.6 compiling properly with mingw and 
>> msys.  I also have a request for an additional program that I would
>> really 
>> like to see added to the examples directory.  I cannibalized the
>> example-c.c 
>> code to come up with something that would spell check a file and output 
>> results to stdout in the error format used by gnu gcc.  I think this or 
>> something like it would be a really useful example to add for anyone
>> who's 
>> been wanting to run aspell with a decent programming editor.  Hopefully 
>> others could help contribute and make it a better and more robust
>> program, 
>> since the changes I made were quick ones just to get proof of concept.
>> The diffs for aspell on mingw with msys are included below.  I also have 
>> some Windows executables.  I have library files in .a format, but 
>> the ./configure, make, make install process doesn't appear to have
>> created 
>> any dlls.  I don't remember having any problems installing the English 
>> dictionary files using the ./configure, make, make install process under 
>> msys.  If you need executable files and/or library (.a files) packaged a 
>> certain way, let me know and I can send them to someone if they want to 
>> distribute them further.  The source code I wrote for better integrating 
>> aspell with a programming editor is at:  
>> It can be compiled with mingw using the command:
>> g++ -o aspellstdout.exe aspellstdout.c -I\mingw\msys\local\include -L 
>> \mingw\msys\lib -L \mingw\msys\local\lib -ldl -laspell -lintl -
>> lgettextlib.dll -ldl.dll 
>> I also compiled it on DeLi Linux using the command:
>> g++ -o aspellstdout aspellstdout.c -I/usr/local/include -L /usr/lib -
>> L /usr/local/lib -ldl -laspell -lintl
>> On Windows, I'm using the basic libraries such as libiconv and libintl
>> from 
>> the GnuWin32 project,  I'm using
>> the 
>> libdl library from:
>> Be sure to add the patch for extern C on the issues page.  That was one
>> of 
>> the fixes I needed to make to get things to compile.  I'm using the
>> latest 
>> copy of pdcurses from Sourceforge: 
>> Don't know if it's needed, but I have my .profile file (used by msys) set
>> up 
>> as mentioned here:
>> The examples in the example directory didn't compile when I used the 
>> makefile.  Was able to get example-c to compile from command line in a 
>> standard command prompt with the following command:
>> g++ -o example-c.exe example-c.c  -I\mingw\msys\local\include -L 
>> \mingw\msys\lib -L \mingw\msys\local\lib -ldl  -laspell -lintl -
>> lgettextlib.dll -ldl.dll
>> To run the example-c.exe afterwards, you need libdl.dll, libicon2.dll, 
>> libintl3.dll in the same directory or in the path.
>> Here are the patches I needed for mingw and msys:
>> \mingw\msys\bin\diff \mingw\msys\home\old\aspell-0.60.6\common\config.hpp 
>> \mingw\msys\home\new\aspell-0.60.6\common\config.hpp
>> 15a16,19
>>> #ifdef __MINGW32__
>>> #define libintl_printf printf
>>> #endif
>> \mingw\msys\bin\diff \mingw\msys\home\old\aspell-0.60.6\common\file
>> _util.cpp \mingw\msys\home\new\aspell-0.60.6\common\file_util.cpp
>> 15a16
>>> #include "asc_ctype.hpp"
>> \mingw\msys\bin\diff \mingw\msys\home\old\aspell-0.60.6
>> \modules\speller\default\language.cpp
>> \mingw\msys\home\michaelsl\new\aspell-
>> 0.60.6\modules\spell
>> er\default\language.cpp
>> 23d22
>> < #ifndef __MINGW32__
>> 26d24
>> < #endif
>> Best wishes.
>> Laura
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