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[aspell-devel] Durch dictionnay for aspell

From: jd
Subject: [aspell-devel] Durch dictionnay for aspell
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 14:47:05 +0000
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Hello to all, 

My first mail here, so i hope my question belongs here.

I did notice the dutsch aspeel dictionnary .
Since i didn't find it in a first glance on the list, i have been looking
elsewhere and contacted the Dutch OpenTaal organisation

They developed an open source dutch dictionnary which has gained official 
"Keurmerk spelling van de Nederlandse Taalunie" approval 
I contacted them and they poitnted me to the existing aspell dictionnary. They
don't  know if this aspell dictionnary has the same approval .
Has it ?

They tell me there is no objection or problem to transferm their dictionnary
in an aspell dictionnary. Since this dictionnary  is a continuing and well
organised effort it would be intersting to know if and how it can be used as
an aspell dictionnary.
If the present dutch dictionnary has not the "Keurmerk Spelling" it would
probably be better tot not merge the two efforts.

I don't know how aspell dictionnaries are enhanced and kept up to date in
general, nor how this is done for the present Dutch dictionnary.

Simon Brouwer of the Opentaal organisatien tells me=
"You can download  the sources here 
Someon with sufficient knowledge of the aspell dictionnary format could
transform it in an aspell dictionnary . The llcences they use allows the
further spreading of such a dictionnary:

Is there anybody here that would be willing to do this? 
Who has to approve this ?


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