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Re: [aspell-user] other language

From: Jacob Sparre Andersen
Subject: Re: [aspell-user] other language
Date: Thu Dec 13 07:27:08 2001

Paulo Filipe Canha de Andrade wrote:

> Well, I didn't know if I could choose between the
> languages every time I composed a nem mail message, so I
> was trying to get the spell checking of both languages
> at the same time. However if there is a away to choose
> between them it would be much better...

I have a small program, which I use together with Pine, for
spell checking of my e-mail in different languages. It can
be found under the name "pine-spell" in the package

I suspect that the documentation isn't in English, but if it
looks like something you can use, then I will try to find a
moment for translating it.

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