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[aspell-user] Pspell/Aspell and PHP == Frustration

From: Joe Stump
Subject: [aspell-user] Pspell/Aspell and PHP == Frustration
Date: Thu Apr 25 19:40:02 2002
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Ok. I've installed aspell .33.7.1 and pspell .12.1 with PHP 4.1.2. I downloaded
an english dictionary and installed it. My /usr/share/aspell dir looks like

ASCII.dat                    en.dat              iso8859-3.dat                    en_phonet.dat  iso8859-9.dat                     english.dat         iso8859-4.dat
dvorak.kbd                   english_phonet.dat  ispell
en-american-aspell.pwli      german.dat          iso8859-5.dat  koi8-f.dat
en-american-med-aspell.pwli  iso8859-1.dat  koi8-r.dat
en-aspell.pwli            iso8859-6.dat  spell
en-british-aspell.pwli       iso8859-10.dat  standard.kbd
en-british-med-aspell.pwli      iso8859-7.dat  unicode.dat
en-canadian-aspell.pwli      iso8859-2.dat  viscii.dat
en-canadian-med-aspell.pwli       iso8859-8.dat

My /usr/local/share/aspell (and pspell) are links to their counterparts in
/usr/share (to keep things tidy) - here is my /usr/share/pspell dir:  

Now pspell compiled into php fine with --with-pspell. My problem is this:

Warning: PSPELL couldn't open the dictionary. reason: I'm sorry I can't find 
any suitable word lists for the language-tag "en". in 
/home/jstump/public_html/pspell.php on line 3

Here is the script:


  $pspell_link = pspell_new('en');
  echo 'foo';


How/where do I put dictionaries? How do I install them? I need help!


Joe Stump <address@hidden>
"UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because 
 that would also stop you from doing clever things."

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