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Re: [Aspell-user] [Fwd: installing aspell 0.50]

From: James J. Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Aspell-user] [Fwd: installing aspell 0.50]
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 04:06:05 -0700 (PDT)

--- Luc Tremblay <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am getting an error message when tryiing to
> install Aspell 0.5
> (OS is Linux 2.4.23)
> ./configure && make
> : bad interpreter: No such file or directory
> make install
> : bad interpreter: No such file or directory
> Can you help please?

I've seen the "bad interpreter message" when
attempting to run shell scripts with DOS-style line
endings (with both newline and carriage return) rather
than Unix-style line endings (with just a newline).
Try running the relevant files through dos2unix (and
read its manpage first--there's a potential gotcha
that can cause files to be overwritten if you are not

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