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[Aspell-user] ? starts the returned line

From: Jan Sindberg
Subject: [Aspell-user] ? starts the returned line
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 23:11:00 +0200


I use aspell like this:
aspell -a --master=danish --lang=danish -encoding=utf-8 -H
</tmp/aspell_data_UibNhs 2>&1

One of the returned lines looks like
? tørfvægt 0 2455:tør

I cannot see what the ? means. I have checked the page:

but it is not documented here.

I guess that it suggests to remove the rest of the word? Or in other words
that a part of the word was recognised. (The part after the "f" is also a
real word. The "f" replaces a space).

Thanks in advance,
- Jan Sindberg

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