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[Aspell-user] Output suggestions and accept first suggestion always?

From: Samuel Murray
Subject: [Aspell-user] Output suggestions and accept first suggestion always?
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 13:23:23 +0200
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G'day everyone

I would like to use Aspell for something it was probably not designed for, so I apologise in advance :-)

I know I can get Aspell to output a list of unrecognised words from a spellchecked document (I use this method for spellchecking in OmegaT). I also know that Aspell can suggest corrections. But can I get Aspell to output not the unrecognised words but the suggested corrections instead? And/or can I get Aspell to automatically accept the first suggestion?

I'll be honest with my goal... I'm an unofficial volunteer for a spellchecker project that runs in Microsoft Word (freeware but not free software). The spellchecker spellchecks Afrikaans documents in English with a custom dictionary in Afrikaans. It's not the best solution but many people seem satisfied with it. Spellchecking in English has some disadvantages, for example the English word "department" looks a lot like the Afrikaans word "departement". If the user types "department" (a spelling error in Afrikaans), the spellchecker won't indicate the word as a spelling error. The kludge is an autocorrect function that changes "department" to "departement" (or "departmentq") as soon as the user types the word. It is this autocorrect list that I'd like to create... by getting Aspell to give me a list of English words that are most likely misspellings of the Afrikaans words in my list.

Can this be done? If so, what would the syntax be? Or if not, and you feel like it, does anyone know of a method which may be useful to me? I'm a Windows l-user but I can use Linux (or cygwin) if I really, really try hard :-).

Samuel Murray

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