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[Aspell-user] Re: word list for aspell

From: eleonora46
Subject: [Aspell-user] Re: word list for aspell
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 18:46:55 +0100

I suggest you to read
about how to create a word list.
Word lists do not differ on different platforms.

When you have your dic/aff pair, you can convert them
to an aspell word list using the aspell conversion tool.


> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for the response. I do have word lists for each language. Both  
> tribes are unique bands and have similar, but distinct alphabets and  
> words.
>   My question, which I may have not presented well, is how can I  
> create a word list for Aspell on Mac OSX? From what I can glean in  
> the docs I need to have Aspell (Unix) installed to generate the word  
> list and subsequent dictionary files. However, I don't necessarily  
> want to install Aspell on the Mac as I would like to use cocoAspell.  
> The follow-on question is whether I can install just enough of Aspell  
> to generate a word list without using it for spelling services.
> Again, I'm brand new to this and need to learn from the ground up. I  
> searched the archives but didn't find any hints.
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