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[Aspell-user] Contractions

From: Sak
Subject: [Aspell-user] Contractions
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 13:42:50 -0700
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Hey everybody,

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this query, but I it seems there's a unique difference to how Aspell handles spelling of contractions compared to other dictionaries. The list below is something that I put together based on what I found here:

Open Office and Mozilla applications seem to be using the Myspell dictionary on my system. According to that dictionary, only the following three words in the below list are mis-spelled:


Aspell seems to have a lot greater trouble with contractions, though. The list below has 22 of 59 spelling errors according to Aspell. There are also some bizarre inconsistencies, which is what prompted me to check with you guys on this. As I was working this morning I also stumbled upon a typo: The word "Iv'e" shows up as an error according to Myspell, but not according to Aspell.

I wasn't able to test these against the Aspell Spell Helper, ( as I get an error message whenever I try.

"I was able to come up with the following suggestions for "help" (using American spelling with a normal dictionary and the normal suggestion mode). Clicking on the word will bring up the words definition in a new window

/home/groups/a/as/aspell/install/bin/suggest: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Here's what aspell tells me about its version:

address@hidden:~$ aspell -v
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Aspell 0.60.4)

Here's the list:

Short form      Long form

I'm             I am
I've            I have
I'll            I will/I shall
I'd             I would/I should/I had
you're          you are
you've          you have
you'll          you will
you'd           you had/you would
he's            he has/he is
he'll           he will
he'd            he had/he would
she's           she has/she is
she'll          she will
she'd           she had/she would
it's            it has/it is
it'll           it will
we're           we are
we've           we have
we'll           we will
we'd            we had/we would
they're         they are
they've         they have
they'll         they will
they'd          they had/they would

aren't          are not
can't           cannot, can not
couldn't        could not
daren't         dare not
didn't          did not
doesn't         does not
don't           do not
hasn't          has not
haven't         have not
hadn't          had not
isn't           is not
mayn't          may not
mightn't        might not
mustn't         must not
needn't         need not
oughtn't        ought not
shan't          shall not
shouldn't       should not
wasn't          was not
weren't         were not
won't           will not
wouldn't        would not

here's          here is
there'll        there will
there's         there is
that's          that is
that'll         that will
how's           how is?
what'll         what will?
what's          what is?
when's          when is?
where's         where is?
who's           who is?
who'd           who would?
who'll          who will?


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