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[Aspell-user] aspell and USB-Stick

From: Thomas Schäfer
Subject: [Aspell-user] aspell and USB-Stick
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 08:07:16 +0100

Hello there,
i am new to this list, so please be pardoning my possible mistakes ;-) .I have 
searched for a while, but haven't found anything helpfull yet: I have a 
complete mobile latex environment on my usb-stick with miktex, texmaker, 
ghostscript and so on. Now i would like to integrate aspell as well. My 
problem is that i don't know if i need to batch the whole thing, including 
generation of (session)-registry entries, or if it is ok, to just copy the 
installation directory to the usb-drive and tell the mobile-applications where 
to find it.
I am forced to work on a microsoft windows computer and may not install any 
applications, but i am allowed to run them without installation....

Can anybody help me with this? Aspell is great! It would be a great pity to do 
without it...

Thank you...


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