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[AUCTeX-diffs] He had rather see the swords and hear a drum than look up

From: HaeSon Gravesen
Subject: [AUCTeX-diffs] He had rather see the swords and hear a drum than look upon his schoolmaster.
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 17:47:17 -0500

T.h.i,s g.e_m is rea-lly m+ov,able!!
T+h_i_s o_n,e is r_eally p*rof+itable!!!
H a.v,e y'o+u b+e,e*n wat*c_hing t'h_i_s f,o.r t,h'e l-a*s-t w.e e k,?
T+a k*e a l'o o k at it:
re*cent n'e_w,s releas .es s-e.n_t ge-neratin'g gro'wing intere_s*t in C*Y,T+V
Com,,pany: CHI.NA YOUT V C O,R-P (*O-T-C BB:C_YT V.OB)
S t o c k: C+Y.T'V
Cur'rent P.rice: $_.*4-9
4+t h S+,traight d*a'y's we h,a,v e s.e'e n t.h+i.s c*limb. (.S'e.e Yaho+o Chart-N e.w N_e,w's release,)
T'h'i-s o,n.e h-a+s h_a_d n*i_c*e r+eturns f.o_r investo r,s o*v'e*r t*h.e summ-er, and
n'o-w sh-ows pr.omise to beg,in a s-econd w,a_v*e of ret+urns.
K,e+e,p a e y-e o+u.t aga,in on Wednesd,*ay A.u,g 15.....
If you'r_e st_ill a b,i't hazy,, y*o.u shoul*d be.
Sti_ll, a cha-nge of tac,tics n,o.w ou*ght to p,rovide h,i-m w,i_t+h t,h*e lee+way he w'ould n,e_e-d f'o'r a t+otal esc*ape.
Dash,a NS Excl-usi've Vid,eo.
C'ould e*v-e n al*low a non-fram_e's brows,er to u-s*e a "fr+ames o+nly" s.i.t'e,.
Mini+mum Syst_em Req-uirement.s 1.

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