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RE: [AUCTeX] Re: A bug to add a pair of braces and more?

From: Adam Johnson
Subject: RE: [AUCTeX] Re: A bug to add a pair of braces and more?
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:02:30 -0600

From: Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>

* Adam Johnson (2006-11-01) writes:

> For the first command, I may expect something as follows:
> {\emph{blah}}, cursor is put at blah, will also remove the outer {}.
> \textbf{\emph{blah}}, cursor anywhere, will remove nothing.

What is the rationale for excluding brace removal in case of macro

If it is an argument for a macro, just remove {} may not enough, since {} will not be unnecessary in most cases. For example, \textbf{\emph{blah}}, if just remove the inner pair, which will give \textbf{\emphblah}, this may not be compilable since \emphblah does not exist. In such a situation, people may consider using the second command to remove the whole macro instead of just a pair of non-extra {}.


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