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[AUCTeX] Auto-fill-mode totally dead in LaTeX mode

From: Joel J. Adamson <address@hidden>
Subject: [AUCTeX] Auto-fill-mode totally dead in LaTeX mode
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 10:51:46 -0400

Dear AUCTeX Users,

Yesterday I was trying out some of the features of AUCTeX for a large
manuscript I am writing.  I turned on TeX-fold-mode and
outline-minor-mode and then auto-fill-mode would not work.  Even after I
removed the customizations, auto-fill-mode would not come on whether I
disabled it and re-enabled it manually or through LaTeX-mode-hook as
usual.  In all other major modes I have tested, auto-fill-mode works
just fine.  I have removed all of my customizations for LaTeX mode and
text-mode, and paragraphs will still not auto-fill.

It will work with `emacs -q' then loading AUCTeX  with (load "auctex.el"
nil t t), then turning on auto-fill-mode.

I have spent several hours removing customizations and trying to track
down the problem.

What are your suggestions?

Joel J. Adamson --
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
CB #3280, Coker Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3280

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