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[AUCTeX] forcing reftex to reload .bib file after external modification

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall
Subject: [AUCTeX] forcing reftex to reload .bib file after external modification of said file
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 07:11:21 -0400


I searched the auctex list page and various other places (including
the reftex documentation) and I haven't found an answer to this,
somewhat simple, question.

Here's the deal:  I would like to force reftex to reload a .bib file
after I've modified that file with an external program (e.g., to
add/remove an entry from the .bib file).

Right now, I literally have to close and reopen emacs in order for
reftex to know that the .bib file I'm using has changed.  I figure
there must be a simple solution to this and all the other things I've
tried don't work (toggling reftex-mode, killing the .tex buffer and
reloading forcing a reparse, etc.)

Just to be clear, here's exactly what I'm doing:

1. Open a .tex file that has \bibliography{foo} and
\printbibliography{} in it (this is using biblatex).
2. After working some on the manuscript, I add a citation to foo.bib
(I'm using JabRef to maintain my .bib files).
3. `C-c [` does not list the new citation, no matter what I type, or what I do.
4. I have to close and reopen this emacs instance to get reftex to use
the newer version of foo.bib.

best and thanks in advance for any thoughts, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
ACCURATE Postdoctoral Research Associate
UC Berkeley School of Information
Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy

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