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[AUCTeX] is it possible to insert such a symbol?

From: peng shao
Subject: [AUCTeX] is it possible to insert such a symbol?
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 07:33:36 +0000

Hi everyone, I just moved from vim+latex-suite to emacs+auctex, so I am really
a newbie on this combination. I remember in latex-suite there is a function such
that if you input $$, then you should get

$your cursor here$<++>
and by pressing ctrl+j you can move your cursor to the position <++>.

In texworks, there is even a more convenient way to realize this: texworks inserts
a 'dot'(unicode 0x2022) at a proper position and by pressing ctrl+tab one can be leaded

I did not read the manual of auctex carefully(sorry for that), but I wonder if
it is possible to make auctex to realize such function, it is really convenient for me.

Thank you.

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