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[AUCTeX] Forcing "View" to run xdvi.

From: gerald . jean
Subject: [AUCTeX] Forcing "View" to run xdvi.
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:37:30 -0400


I run AucTeX 11.85 through Emacs 21.3.1 (I know, it is old but I have no
control over this) on a RedHat Linux box.  I am pretty happy with the way
it works, thanks to the developpers.  I have two questions:

1.-- The first time xdvi starts it is very slow, 30 sec. or more.  If I
leave it open between runs and use source specials it is then very fast and
I find it very very convenient to go back and forth between the source and
its display.  Why is it so slow the first time it starts?

2.-- When I include graphics via EPS files in my documents then "View"
wants to be nice to me and it runs dvips and pipes its output to ggv.  But
this is not what I want and I find xdvi much more convenient when writing a
document, it makes it so much easier to go back and forht to correct
errors.  How can I force "View" to run xdvi with all the necessary
parameters to allow forward and inverse search, yes I have "source
specials" enabled?

Thanks for your support,

Gérald Jean
Conseiller senior en statistiques,
VP Planification et Développement des Marchés,
Desjardins Groupe d'Assurances Générales
télephone            : (418) 835-4900 poste (7639)
télecopieur          : (418) 835-6657
courrier électronique: address@hidden

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