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[AUCTeX] Copying local variables from the master file

From: Rasmus Villemoes
Subject: [AUCTeX] Copying local variables from the master file
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:46:22 +0200
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Hi there

I use a couple of local variables for each project I'm working on. For
small projects (which I decide are small enough to be in one file),
simply adding the configuration to the Local Variables section works
fine. However, for larger documents split into several files, it would
be really nice if there was some way to automatically (or upon
confirmation from the user) copy the local variables from the master
file. It's stuff like

%%% ispell-local-dictionary: "english"
%%% TeX-command-default: "pdf"

I'd like to copy to all files.  (The "pdf" is a homemade addition to
the TeX-command-list). Is this possible?

Rasmus Villemoes

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